Dave Fletcher (Guitar) uses…..

2x Marshall 4×12 Cab & 100watt head.
Rickenbacker 330 fire glow
Rickenbacker 330 jet glow
Rickenbacker 330 maple glow
Rickenbacker 330 WHAAM custom copy
False fringe!
Rotosound 9 strings

Dave Sylvester (Bass) uses….

Marshall super bass 100
1x Marshall 4×12 cab
1x Marshall 4×10 cab
1x rickenbacker 4001
1x fender precision bass
1x rickenbacker 4004
Rotosound 66 strings

John Cator (Drums) uses…..

A replica of Rick Bucklers ‘GREAT WHITE”

made to exact spec. with vintage hardware

by ‘AD DRUMS’     www.addrums.com

Paiste Rude Cymbals.

John also uses PELLWOOD  X- Line 5a nylon

tipped drumsticks!!  https://pellwoodeu.co.uk